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Today the modern auction methods offered by Auction Street are widely accepted alternative to conventional sales. Auction Street consistently assembles the greatest number of buyers in a open market for an immediate sale of items at the highest possible price.

Auctions have existed as long as there have been people with products to sell and people with an interest in buying those products. The theory of supply and demand is reduced to its simplest component…a number of hopeful buyers raising the price until only one buyer remains.

Why sell at Auctions?

Time - Lengthy and very costly sellout periods are eliminated with a professionally conducted auction. Move your items faster than any other method.

Money - It is often pointed out that a property that could not be sold at any price is sold for the top dollar in minutes at a properly promoted and conducted auction. There's no better feeling than watching a number of determined bidders battle for right to buy your merchandise and no better way to maximize your revenue.

Promotion - Effective promotion is the function of a good auctioneer. Auction Street Group with Alliance Partners usually combine online and offline methods to maximize promotion. Auction Street promotes with Multi-thousand advertising mail out, aggressive advertising through news media, online and e-mail addresses of potential buyers on our database which we use to promote our Auctions.

Exposure - Through our Offline and Online methods we expose the items we have for auctioning to a multitude of interested buyers.

Types of Auctions...

Commission Sale - This type of sale is commonly used throughout the auction industry. We would host an auction sale on site on your behalf. The only charge to you would be for expenses, plus a commission on the items sold.

Outright Purchase - Get paid cash before the sale! After agreeing on the list of assets and terms and conditions of the sale, we will send you a deposit. The balance will be paid before the auction sale. Nothing could be easier.

Guaranteed Participation - This is our most popular offer for those who don't mind a little risk! We guarantee you a specified amount and then split the proceeds over that amount plus expenses. This method gives you a chance to participate in the profits along with us.

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